The Strange Brew Crew dropped another masterpiece for your viewing pleasure! And once again they aren't fucking around with hammers all around from a killer lineup of riders.

Riders: Flanny, Lenny, Don Kilo, Groovy, Keenan Cawley, Craig Cameron, Jacob Krugmire, Brett Wilkinson, Hunter Murphy, Tommy Gesme, Marcus Rand, The Geisens, Casey Pletz, Freddy Mccarthy, Riley Nickerson, Ian Daly, Danny Kern, Don Wheeler, Zander Blackmon, Kai, Woodrow, Vinny

Edit: Brett Wulc

Film: Brett Wulc, Danny Kern

Add. Film: Colton Feldman, Jordwan, Jake Durham, Marcus Rand, Sam Garneau

Music: SSLEEPERHOLD - Ruleth, RetcH - Fresh Off Tour, Taco - Cheek To Cheek, Gucci Mane - Dangers Not A Stranger, Nothing - July The Fourth