Serious Delirium [Full Movie]


let me get this straight: you ate beef, you got dissed. did i miss anything?
fuck you, dad.
you missed the whole point.
we jumped down stairs, over fences, and onto rails, ledges, and tables. we got drunk and stoned and high off gas fumes. we danced and made music. we embarrassed ourselves and kept on. we got our dicks licked by your girlfriend and then we all made out with her afterwords. we got lost, broke down, and shit on by the Man. and then we took a shit on the Man and that wasn't a mistake. and hell yeah we made mistakes because it was eight of us riding together for a month and a half losing our minds and doing dumb shit for the fuck of it. that was - and will always be - the point.
get your mind right, dad.
this is serious delirium.

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