Roadtrips Never Fail from Rome Snowboards

The car is packed, the coffee is brewed, the crew is waiting in the driveway. It's time; road trip. This spring the Rome crew set out to blaze a new trail of spring riding glory. Starting from Superpark 18 at Mount Hood Meadows the boys packed up and hit the road. Roaming Oregon in a refurbished Greyhound bus, they ventured from the slopes of Mt. Bachelor to the pristine concrete skate parks and all the late nights, parking-lots and adventures in between. We Believe Road Trips Never Fail and this is the proof.

Featuring: Will Lavigne, Jonah Owen, Ozzy Henning, Thomas Delfino, Riley Nickerson, Mark Wilson, Jeff Hopkins, Guillaume Marquis, Keenan Cawley, Aspen Weaver, and Paul Gilbert.