Desiree Melancon from Think Thank Almanac 2014

Desiree Melancon is an accomplished hammer farmer who's high yield freestyle bounty is a testament to how little she whines and how hard she works. Up with the rooster and out with the owls, Desiree holds her snowboarding to a higher standard than your typical 4H shred betty. Less whining more wine-ing Desiree's hard twerking seems to be working. Blue ribbon boarding!

The planets have aligned, the crops yielded their bounty, the charts were correct and our snowboarding predictions have come to pass! This is the Think Thank Almanac 2014; spins, slides, styles, monsoons, slashes, nourishment, motels, Delores, barley refreshment, galaxies, friendship, drought and the body's humors all played out in the pantheon of snowboarding.