†††CHUURCH††† Full Movie

Featuring: Mark Pairitz, Kornbred, Treyson Allen, Ryan Ting, Matt Turner, Unkle Andy, James Wilson, Jeff Hopkins, Nicky McMillen, Chris Frost, Kyle Harmon, Stu Wozniak, Brandon Sakiewicz, Eric Gronneberg, Tucker Brown, Benny Kaufman, Jamie Orkin, Leif Draznin-French, Alex Zipperer, James Fleege, Joel Wealton, Terrance Haverlandt, Sam Wittke, Pete Cimmino and Jeff Holce

Use the chapters below to see your favorite riders' clips!

0:00 Intro Stu Wozniak, Kyle Harmon, Eric Gronneberg and Tucker Brown
1:22 Intro 2 Benny Kaufman and Brandon Sakiewicz
2:19 Mark Pairitz
3:40 Kornbred
5:09 Jaime Orkin and Nicky McMillen
5:58 Jeff Hopkins
6:44 LDF, Alex Zipperer, James Fleege and Joel Wealton
7:09 James Wilson ft. Terrance Haverlandt 
8:10 Chris Frost
8:58 Treyson Allen ft. Sam Wittke
10:40 Unkle Andy
12:18 Ryan Ting, Jeff Holce and Matt Turner
14:36 Outro

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Thank you to all the riders, filmers, companies, family members and friends for supporting this project and making it happen. 

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