Cam Pierce Full Part

This is probably one of the most well-rounded parts we've seen all year. Cam hits some of the gnarliest street spots ever while still managing to throw down over massive road gaps and on backcountry kickers. Really impressive part and a definite must watch.

From Endeavor Snowboards' Vimeo:

"Cam Pierce is not your average snowboard story. Born and raised in North Carolina with an interest in rap and music making Cam made his way onto the all-star team of Forum Snowboards/ The Project and filmed with them for a number of years. When Forum was cut by Burton, it left all the riders looking for a new path. Some fell off while others prospered with Cam falling into the latter category by finding a new board sponsors with Endeavor and a new outwear sponsor with 686. Thanks to the help by 686 Cam filmed a full part this past season and traveled to locations all over North America. Once all the clips were in they were edited together by Ian Post into this final project. So take a few minutes to check out his full part."