Arbor Snowboards :: Video Log - Superpark 19

Breaks in the weather were few and far between at Superpark 19. Fog, rain, and a heavy cloud cover characterized the majority of the week at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. That didn't stop Arbor riders from all corners of the country from converging on an amazingly constructed setup for 5 days of non-stop shredding. Good times were had by all and the following video presents the long and short of what went down. Congratulations to Scotty Vine for taking home the Superpark Standout award. In this case, it was not insanely progressive or mind-boggling tricks that earned him the title. Instead, it was his proven ability to ride everything in his path combined with a work ethic that was unmatched at Superpark 19. 

RIDERS: Erik Leon, Mike Gray, Mike Liddle, Blake Axelson, Ryland West, Sammy Blazeajewski, Buzz Holbrook, Scotty Vine