Antti Autti: Approach & Attack (Teaser)

Remember Auntti Autti? He used to come to American halfpipe competitions and drop jaws? Well know he is in pursuits of a more pure form of snowboarding: backcountry exploration. Check out he teaser for his new film Approach & Attack. There is some serious boardin' going on in this one. Here is their take:

"Second teaser of Approach & Attack

With help from local riders, Antti Autti and friends go deep in the backcountry in Approach & Attack, a snowboarding movie two years in the making presented by Anttisworld and Northlight Pictures.

From pipejock to backcountry destroyer turned out Antti Autti is releasing his third movie.
Few years ago, Antti made a total change in his game. After several years of riding contest after contest, altough with a great success, Antti decided he had to do something else. What he did was he followed a totally new path: he quit competing and began to shred powder, full-time.

Approach & Attack has been filmed for two seasons all around the world. With locations as New Zealand, Japan, Norway and British Columbia it has arguably the best spots and deepest powder Antti and his crew has ever ridden.

Full movie coming on fall 2014

Approach & Attack is directed by: Teemu Lahtinen & Antti Autti
filming: Teemu Lahtinen / Northlightpictures , Matti Ollila /
editing: Teemu Lahtinen
additional filming: Tomohiro Fuji , Haruhito Mori
produced by: Antti Autti , Teemu Lahtinen & Ilmo Niittymaki/

Snowboarding by: Antti Autti , Miikka Hast , Joel Lahti , Sylvain Bourbossoun , Tyler Chorlton , Alvaro Vogel , Saku Tiilikainen, Hans Kestila + Will Jackways , Car Danchi Crew , Takumi Nagai and Aadne Olsrud as locals!

Teaser Music: Goat - Run to your mama"