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Hoyal Board Company Grand Opening

Hoyal Board Company is celebrating their grand opening in Colorado Springs. There will be a barbeque, giveaways and good times. Snowboard Colorado Magazine will be there so come say hi.

About Hoyal Board Company:

Jeff Hoyal started snowboarding in 1982. At that time boards weren’t available in retail in the area, so his buddy ordered a board out of the back of Thrasher Magazine. Back then snowboarding was not allowed at any Colorado ski resorts, so it was all backcountry riding. That’s right, you had to hike to ride! Hoyal and his friends hiked the local hills and mountains of Colorado until Breckenridge opened to snowboarding in 1984.

Hoyal originally established Hoyal Board Company as North Shore in 1988. Jeff opened the store because he was a frustrated snowboard customer. There were a couple of stores in town selling snowboards, but they only carried a few boards a season. When the store opened in downtown Colorado Springs, Jeff proudly displayed over 70 different decks from a wide variety of brands. No more frustration!

Jeff has seen, rode, and sold the whole evolution of snowboarding. Hoyal, like all our employees, doesn’t just peddle this stuff. He’s lived it for over 30 years.

Hoyal grew up in Los Angeles, and as a kid he skated some of the earliest skateboards including boards made with roller skates parts, metal wheels, clay wheels, etc. When he was 14 his family moved to the mountain town of Woodland Park, Colorado. It was a small town with all dirt roads, so no skateboarding there! However, the day he opened the store Jeff put together a skateboard and joined the new trend of street skating.

In 2009 Jeff changed the shop name from North Shore to Hoyal Board Company, to remove the surf inspired name, which was common in the 1980’s, and to avoid confusion for online customers. HBC is a full service snow and skate core shop. We are celebrating our 25th  anniversary of providing the most comprehensive customer service, information, and a great selection.